Sports Premium Funding

PE and Sport Premium Grant


The Government has allocated additional funding to all primary schools to improve the provision of physical education and sport.  Each school must use the premium to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils in order to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

At Reedham Primary School in the year 2016/17 we were awarded a PE Sport Premium Grant of £8210.  At the time of writing, in 2017/2018, it is believed that all schools will receive a PE Sport Premium Grant of £16,000 and £10 per pupil meaning Reedham Primary School would receive somewhere in the region of £16,180.

Our main aims are to …

  • Increase the number of pupils confident about participating in competitive sports.
    · Increase the fitness levels of all pupils. · Broaden sporting opportunities for all pupils

To achieve these aims we have worked closely with the Acle Schools Cluster to:

  • Increase the amount of competition sport in which our children participate; and within our school to increase the number of pupils who are achieving at a level to participate in these events.
  • To achieve better results than in previous years in the Acle Area sports and to allow pupils who excel to compete in County and Regional sports events.
  • Increase the number of pupils confident about participating in competitive sports
  • Increase the fitness levels of all pupils, following a structured, personalised plan for improvement
  • To contribute with the Acle Schools Cluster to employ an experienced Schools Sports Partnership coordinator, who can offer training and support to our class, specialist PE teachers and support staff to ensure consistently Good and better PE lessons for all pupils
  • Continue to make links to other community sports providers, such as Premier Sport, the Crows Hockey Club and Reedham Football Team, to offer Out of School Hours Learning Sporting Provision for all pupils
  • Encourage our children to improve their leadership skills through sport.
  • Give extra support in PE to our most talented children and include those with additional needs in sport – using the professional links we have established to identify suitable competitive and engagement activities for these pupils.

Within school, our largest expense remains related to how we have organised PE and School Sport Sessions this year.  From September 2017, we renewed Sports provision by Premier Sports to deliver high quality sporting and games lessons where teachers will initially learn from and then jointly teach lessons to develop their own professional development.  The replacement of an experienced teacher with an NQT from September 2017, meant having structured support was preferential in ensuring high quality first teaching in PE could be facilitated.  All PE is consistently assessed, with targeted learning for all pupils taking place.  This has ensured that all PE teaching is consistently Good and beyond, utilising existing skill bases in school and new partnership working.

  • In this way, our children will gain new skills and experiences.
  • Teachers will learn new techniques and knowledge to aid them in teaching sport and PE.
  • The long term aim is higher quality lessons and improved learning for all children beyond the scope of the Sports Premium Funding Grant.

We have also made a commitment to broaden the opportunities for all children to experience activities they would not necessarily be able to take part in.  Over the years this has seen us provide alternative after school club provisions promoting Olympic sports and also an organised school trip to Whitlingham Outdoor Activity Centre.  This was a mainly water based activity which gave the children a chance to sail, canoe, build and sail a raft as well as take part in outdoor activities and sports such as archery.


Sporting Opportunities and Support – April 2016 – July 2017:

  • Mr John Grayson, extended schools coordinator, the Acle Cluster Sports Partnership Co-ordinator, has liaised with the school and led a range of cluster based competitions. The school has entered teams for all cluster based sporting events.
  • Successful links have continued to be made with other community sports providers. Caroline Spandler’s Dimensions School of Dance continues to offer her popular Zumba and Street Dance After School Club and Premier Sport have delivered a range of sporting clubs covering archery, tennis, football, athletics, multi-skills and dodgeball.
  • Mr Bradley Rea and Miss Shelldrake, former and current Premier Sports coaches, have worked this with members of staff to introduce Tag Rugby to the children in KS2. Tag Rugby sessions have been extremely beneficial and enjoyable for both the children and staff members concerned. This support has led to staff having an improved knowledge of not only Tag Rugby but also a broader understanding of how to deliver good quality PE.
  • Sports Premium funding has allowed the engagement of specialist coaches as well as ensuring children can attend events, as funding is used for transport and teacher release, to support the events. Participation in competitive sport – September 2016 – September 2017: In line with our PE Action Plan, this academic year has seen an increase in the School’s participation in sporting competitions.
  • The school has placed a commitment to continuing to complete the Golden Mile Challenge this year with all children doing a regular bout of physical exercise three times a week. Of all the schools registered in Norfolk we have completed the most cumulative miles, beating the next nearest school, which has 9 more classes than us, by over 600 miles. We feel this has had a positive impact on levels of children’s fitness and ability to sustain a prolonged physical activity.  We also feel it has also had a positive effect on levels of concentration within the classes.
  • Last year Reedham School attended 10 sporting competitions, with 94% of the whole school taking part in at least one event. As the cluster increased the capacity of certain events, a total of 126 pupil places were taken up.
  • March 2016 – A team of 8 Key Stage 1 footballers attended the Cluster KS1 football skills tournament.
  • May 2016 – Two teams of 10 children each from lower and upper KS2 took part in the Cluster football competition.
  • June 2016 – Half the school went to the Cluster Athletics event held at the University of East Anglia’ Sports Park in Norwich. A number of children gained individual golds, silvers and bronzes covering all the running, jumping and throwing events.
  • October 2016 – The Acle Cluster Cross-Country competition saw a large team taking part. Some good individual performances were recorded with 3 children being placed in the top 10 of their age groups. We also recorded our first top two finish, a sure sign in our minds that the Golden Mile Challenge is promoting healthy lifestyles and increased physical ability.
  • At the Acle Cluster High 5 Netball and Basketball Tournament, 12 Year 5/6 children represented the School, with both the netball and basketball teams being very competitive in every match. For such a small school we performed fantastically well, winning four of our six games in the Netball competition, losing only to the eventual winners and runners-up by the odd goal in each case. This meant for the first time in memory, we secured a team bronze in a cluster sporting event.
  • Key Stage 2 children competed in the Acle Cluster Tag Rugby Tournament and performed very creditably against much larger schools. The Y3/4 team in particular played very well, winning and losing games by a narrow margin each time.
  • February 2017 – 6 pupils from Year R to Y2 took part in the Cluster KS1 Multi-skills. This year we recorded our best ever haul of individual medals with a bronze, silver and gold medal.

*February 2017 – Two children from Y3 and Y6 took part in a Premier Sport led Cross Country Competition at Orimston Venture Academy.  The child in Y3 came a creditable 10th, while our Y6 child did a fantastic job and tuned up for the County Championships by winning his race.

*On Friday 10th February, Ben Gibbs in Y6 attended the County Championships at Greshams School.  In a highly competitive field of the crème de la crème of all of Norfolk, Ben came in 22nd place out of about 80 entrants.

*Jack Hamilton has become the first child to complete 150 miles in the Golden Mile initiative.  This is a phenomenal achievement.  By Summer 2017, Ben Gibbs and Kazen Benjafield also achieved this milestone.

*March 2017 – Mrs Bethell took all her KS1 children to attend the KS1 football skills challenge.

*May 2017 – Two teams of 10 children each from lower and upper KS2 took part in the Cluster football competition.

*June 2017 – More than half the school went to the Cluster Athletics event held at the University of East Anglia’ Sports Park in Norwich.  A number of children gained individual silvers and bronzes covering all the running, jumping and throwing events.  Joyce Powell recorded a fantastic three silver medals in her three events.

*June 2017 – A team of 8 children attended the Y5/Y6 Cricket Competition and performed well, finishing 4th on the day.

*June 2017 – A team of 8 children attended the Y3/Y4 Cricket Competition and won a team silver medal, winning 4 and losing 1 of their matches to finish joint top of the standings, only losing by virtue of having scored slightly less runs than the winning team.

Other sporting and PE events the school has taken part in have included:

  • Open Dance Festival – Cluster event
  • Country Dance event – attended by 20 children supported by school staff
  • Multicultural dance linked to our curriculum topic
  • Further multi sports after school clubs
  • Swimming in our own open air swimming pool, encouraging children to attain at least a 25m swimming certificate by the end of Y6. All groups of pupils across the whole school go swimming, not just KS2 children. The swimming pool is also used by the Summer Club.

To facilitate all of the above, a huge variety of expenses has been incurred over the years of the Sports Premium.  These include the following:

  • Buying in Cluster Professional Support
  • Attending PE Conference for subject leader
  • Buying in resources to support the PE subject leader to deliver the curriculum
  • Travel costs to numerous cluster and further afield events
  • Premier sports coaching
  • Funding after school sporting clubs
  • Carrying out audits of sports equipment
  • Using the above information to update and modernise sports equipment in school
  • Funding Sports related Curriculum days and school trips
  • Paying for the Golden Mile

Measuring Impact:

  • Over the years of the Sports Premium, more children now take part in regular sporting activities outside of the normal PE curriculum.
  • Results at cluster events have improved year on year both in individual events and team events – before my headship, nobody could remember the last time Reedham won a team game, let alone stringing winning games together to challenge for team events. We have now achieved three bronze team medals and a silver.  This is a remarkable achievement for a school of less than 50 children competing against schools with much, much larger intakes and many more children to choose from to represent them in team sports.
  • Golden Mile statistics evidence vast improvements from baseline to end of year data in children’s ability to sustain physical exercise.
  • Attendance at after school clubs is consistently high enough for them to run successfully across a range of sporting events.
  • Children have been inspired to take up sports outside of school directed events as a result of provisions that have been put into place in school (athletics, football, cricket, rugby, hockey).

Future action:

  • Going forwards, we will be looking at trying to broaden the children’s knowledge of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.
  • We are aware of the need to capture children’s voice around PE and healthy lifestyles (pupil survey).
  • Build on team success stories of last year in particular.
  • Maintain high numbers of children participation in cluster events.
  • Promote further sporting based whole school trips.

Sports Premium Statement May 2015

School Impact Report -Reedham Primary May 2015