School Council

Hi, I am Freya and I am the Chair of the School Council.

There are eight children in the council.  Every September, whoever wants to be in the school council will write a little speech about why they think they should be elected.  Their fellow classmates vote who they think would be the best fit.  There are three main roles that only three of the four eldest children can have.  They are: Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.

We each wrote a speech bubble about what we promise to do or what we would like to achieve.  So far this year, we have helped contribute towards the following: how we would like the new KS2 toilets/cloakroom to look, improve lunchtime arrangements, make the environment a better place by placing plants around, getting more children to come to the school and get more parents on the PFA.  We also made a promise to speak to the little ones so they can contribute.  We are ready to take any suggestions from the other members of the school.  Somebody wanted to have a non-school uniform day on Red Nose Day so we did!  We also arranged three activities in the afternoon plus some members of the council baked cakes and biscuits for a cake sale.  We are hoping to be able to carry on like this to finish off the year.