School Council 2022 -2023


Our school council members are elected by their peers at the beginning of each academic year. There are members from each

This year’s School council members are:

From Heron Class – Lucy (Year 1) and Sonny (Year 2)

From Owl Class – Freya (Year 3) and Mason (Year 4)

From Otter Class –  Kaden (Year 5) and Lacey (Year 5 – secretary), George M (Year 6) and Tylah (Year 6 – Chair)

Hi, I’m Tylah and I am the Chair of our school council.

There are seven members of the School Council at the moment.

There is the Chair Person, who is voted by all the children in the school and required to prepare a speech. The chair runs the meetings with the support of Mrs Jones, one of our governors.

The second main role is the secretary, who jots down what we speak about each week, and what we need to take action. We then tell the class about what we have been doing that week and ask for feedback and their opinions.

So far this year, we have been discussing; doing a charity sale, working in our wild garden and spending time reading with children from nursery. 

We have worked hard and made an amazing impact so far, this year, and we hope to carry on.