Help in School

Parents are more than welcome to help with the children’s activities and organised trips. Do not hesitate to say if you are interested in helping or have skills to offer in this direction. Help can mean a range of things for a school like ours. Simply sitting next to a child and hearing them read shows that can make a huge difference to the children’s reading ability. It could be backing work for a display or helping to supervise a lunch sitting. You might even be able to talk in depth about a topic we are learning about. We are very flexible and would try to accommodate what you can offer us – after all, it is your time you are giving up for free.

If you are interested and think that you might be able to help speak to myself or Mrs Saunders in the office. The only thing we would ask of you before starting is that you fill out a disclosure form to ensure you are safe to work with children. This form can be completed with Mrs Saunders and is free from cost because you are offering voluntary help. Mr Edwards would then explain the school’s safeguarding and confidentiality arrangements leaving you to make a real difference to the lives of our children.