Information For Owl Class Remote Learning

Information for Owl class Remote learning

We have set up Google Classrooms for each class. Your child has been learning how to use this in school.

Owl’s classroom will be updated daily with work to complete, throughout the lockdown period. Please help your child follow the timetable set to complete the various tasks. It is helpful to set a routine with your child. Mr Edwards (Mon/Tues)/Miss Waters (Wed-Fri) and Mrs Woodards will be marking and commenting on work submitted and setting deadlines, with children both in and out of school via the Owl Google Classroom.

We will be checking in with children and families by phone between Wednesdays and Fridays to make sure this work is completed and if they need support. It is important that we try to engage children in normal school activities to avoid the loss of learning.

Mr Edwards/Miss Waters and Mrs Woodards, the children in school and children at home will hold daily Google Meet sessions at 10.30 and 1:30. A link has been emailed to children’s school emails for this. Our expectation is that all children will join these sessions to be able to ‘check in’ with each other and to have the input face to face around tasks set. Mr Edwards, Miss Waters and Mrs Woodards will be available to support children during school hours:

Mrs Woodards 9am – 3pm; Mr Edwards 8am – 5pm; Miss Waters (Wed-Fri) 8am – 5pm

Children should engage with work for at least 4 hours a day and return work to be marked.


Daily timetable

8:00 Morning activities posted to Google Classroom

9:00 Learning officially starts in ‘school time’ and morning activities can be completed any time up to 10:30 (Make sure you have a morning break too!)

10:30 – 11:30 Live Google Meet – Catch up chat, English and Maths

11.30 – 12 Complete any activities from English and Maths

12-1 Lunch

1-1.30 Complete any activities from English and Maths

1.30 – 2 Live google meet – Afternoon lesson input

2-3 Complete afternoon activity

If you click on the 3 lines on the top left of google classroom, you will see ‘To do’ – this will have all of your assignments on to do. You will need to click ‘Marked as done’ for some and on others ‘Turn in’ or ‘Hand in’ This will let us know that you’ve completed it. Also click on ‘Missing’ to check if you have any overdue work to complete.


For any assignments that require you to write something or complete a sheet, please feel free to print/handwrite it and attach a photo to the assignment instead of typing – whichever is easier for you. The assignment will always say if there is anything for you to hand in – sometimes you haven’t got to send us anything, just click ‘Marked as done’


If you click on ‘Classwork’ at the top and look on the left, you will see a topic called’ Extra offline activity printables’ I have put lots of sheets in there that you can print off and do if you ever finish all of your work and want to do something offline 🙂



Google classroom and email account – Written in your child’s reading record

Maths Whizz – Children should know them (Email us if they can’t remember)

Espresso – Username: student23612 Password: reedham1

Classroom secrets – Your username is 563586 followed by your first name in lowercase letters. Your password is also your first name.

e.g.  Username: 563586henry Password: henry

Nessy – Those in our class Nessy groups should have them (Email us if they can’t remember)