Behaviour and School Rules

We pride ourselves on the exceptional behaviour at Reedham Primary School. Positive recognition is used to motivate pupils to choose responsible behaviour. Rewards are consistently applied and not taken away as a sanction. We use an online behavioural reward system, called ‘Class Dojo’, to track pupil behaviour during a lesson and over a series of lessons. ‘Dojo’ points can be gained or taken away and count towards the school’s colour team points competition. When dealing with behaviour, consistency of approach is key. All members of staff are involved with reinforcing the school rules and children are taught to respect themselves, each other and every adult in school.

Individual stickers are also used to reward good behaviour and when the children’s sticker charts are filled up these can be exchanged for a school shop voucher from the Headteacher. This allows the Headteacher an opportunity to reinforce and praise the excellent work and behaviour the child has demonstrated.

We celebrate all of our successes both individually and as a school team in Superstar Assembly. This is another opportunity to praise good behaviour and hard work across the school day in front of the whole school. If you wish to know more about details of the school policy we are more than happy to provide you with a copy. The electronic version can be found under Policies.

School Rules

  • We keep hands, feet and unwanted comments to ourselves
  • We walk around school calmly, safely and sensibly
  • We look after each other, our school and the environment
  • We listen carefully and do as we are asked first time, every time
  • We always try our best in everything we do
  • We respect ourselves and each other