Virtual Balloon Race

Virtual Balloon Race 💥
💥 All you need to do is go online name your Balloon or Balloons, Balloons are £2 Each, When the race starts on the 12th July you will be able to Track your Balloon too !!
💥 All monies raised will go to the Parents & Friends of Reedham School,
💥 It’s been a extremely tough year for fundraising and trying to think of something fun and raise much needed funds for the School, If you could all possibly let your friends & Family know about the Race that would be amazing !
💥 Good Luck and thank you very much for your continued support 💥

Thank you

During the snowy weather in February, our oil was stolen whist the school was closed. In response to this sad event, our community rallied around us and showed their support.

This is to say a huge thank you to Mrs Mallet, one of our parents, for setting up a ‘Just Giving’ Page so that parents and friends of the school were able to give generous donations. Thank you to all of the marvellous and kind members of our community who showed their support for our school.

The page and some cheque donations raised an incredible £2025! This amount would more than cover the replacement oil. A local company has also kindly donated 500 litres of oil; and parents have offered advice on CCTV installation. The funds will be spent to install CCTV to prevent theft and to keep our children safe in the future.

This picture is a screenshot from our Google Meet Super Star Assembly – we asked the children to make thank you posters and hold them up. The real super stars of that week were all the lovely people who donated to support us.