School Governors

On behalf of the Governing Body, of Reedham Community Primary, I welcome both you and your child to our school.

Starting school is a milestone in your child’s life. We hope that this brochure will help by providing information about both the curriculum and the running of the school.

The Governors intend to assist in providing the right conditions for the full development of your child’s education.

The Staff’s efforts will be focused on ensuring that all children receive the best possible education and also spend a happy and fulfilling time at Reedham. With this in mind, extra-curricula activities will be included with the intention that children will gain social skills, be able to judge issues on moral grounds and also value the spiritual side of life.

A supportive partnership between school and home is important if your child is to do well. We therefore encourage you to keep in regular touch with the school.

Should you have further questions please feel free to contact the school office or any of the governors.

Adam Gibbs
Chair of Governors

Governing Body

Miss Christine Walton (L A Governor)



Local Authority Governor
Miss Christine Walton

Co-opted Governors
Mrs Hayley Smith
Ms Deborah Jarvis (De)
Mrs Mary Jones

Staff Governor
Miss Beth Spaul

Mr Chris Edwards

Sub-Committee (Finance and Premises)
Miss Christine Walton (Chair)
Mr Chris Edwards
Miss Beth Spaul

Clerk to the Governors
Mrs Judith Sell

The primary function of the Board of Governors is to oversee the welfare and development of the School. The main duties of the Governors are:

To oversee the general direction and curriculum of the school.

To manage staffing matters in conjunction with the Headteacher.

To make recommendations on the allocation of resources.

The Governors are either appointed or elected volunteers from the local community and along with the Headteacher, welcome your views as parents on any aspect of the school. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions please feel free to contact the school.