Safeguarding Children

The school has a Safeguarding Policy in place.

The policy is to ensure every child at our school is safe and protected from harm. The policy gives clear directions to staff, volunteers, visitors and parents about expected behaviour and our legal responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children at our school.

Mr Edwards and Mrs Bethell are our senior Designated Professionals for Safeguarding. Every member of staff will undertake appropriate safeguarding training every two years.

The policy is available to anyone who wishes to see it. A hard copy is available from the school office or can be viewed through the links below:

Code of Conduct Sheet for ICT in School Reedham Primary School September 2014

Online Safety Policy May 2017 -2018

Education Visits PolicyMarch2017-2021

Harassment and Bullying Policy and Procedure Reedham Primary School 2014 October

Health and Safety Policy Reedham Primary School October 2014

PE Policy Reedham Primary School March 2015 – 2019

Positive Handling and Managing Behaviour Policy January 2018-2022

New Recruitment and Selection policy 2018

Staff Code of Conduct Agreed Behaviours Reedham Primary School September 2014

Keeping children Safe in Education Part 1 2018

Reedham Safeguarding Policy 2018-9

Racial Harassment Policy April 2019-20


Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure 2018

Freedom of Information Policy May 2017-2020

Published Information Policy – Oct 2017

Data Protection Policy 2017-2019

SRE-Policy-Review-May 2017-2021

Behaviour Policy January 2018-2022

Reedham Primary School GDPR Policy 2018 Final

Reedham Primary School E Data Security Policy 2018

Reedham Primary Freedom of Information Policy 2018

Reedham Primary School Photograpghs and Videos at School Policy 2018

Reedham Equal Opps Policy 2018

Attendance Policy December 2018

Reedham Primary School Accessibility Plan 2019 – 2022