Forum Rules & Information


The forum on our website are a new idea and it is hoped will give parents, staff and other people involved with the school a place to share ideas, discuss reverent issues and generally get to know each other. Obviously being a school we have to maintain control over the content that appears on our site therefore this facility is moderated.
This means that although posts made will appear instantly we will act to remove inappropriate or offensive content without warning or consultation. In addition the forum is publicly accessible which means it is not appropriate to discuss individual pupils or issues. These should still be addressed directly to the school.

Forum Rules

In order to use the forum you must follow the rules below. Failure to do so could lead to your access to the forum being revoked.

  1. No offensive content will be tolerated.
  2. Individual children or issues must not be discussed on the forum
  3. Criticism or abuse of members of staff will not be tolerated. 
  4. Whilst we appreciate constructive criticism of the school overly critical posts will be removed.
  5. No advertising or promotion is allowed on the forum without prior written permission from the Head Teacher
  6. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses or contact details should not be posted on the forum. This is a public board and contact details could get in to the wrong hands

Failure to adhere to these rules will in most cases lead to a warning and removal of the offending posts without warning. Repeated or more serious offences will lead to you being banned from the forum. If banned it will not be possible to apply for access again.


To register for forum access or to post comments on blog posts please complete the form below. Registrations are checked individually by a member of the team so there will be a short delay before you have access.
Please note that by registering you are accepting the site rules displayed on this page.